The crew


We are musicians, stage designers, sound engineers, builders, producers, filmmakers, graphic designers and everything in between. Coming from different backgrounds and scenes, everyone at Heimlich was brought together through their love of Downtempo music.


Transforming SPACE


Every place has the potential to be an unique experience, to let people share a moment of unity and happiness. We like to think about how a space should feel like, not how it should look like. How can we build a safe and comfortable environment, while at the same time creating an adventurous journey for everyone to participate in? Here are some things we like to do: 


Anticipate the crowd flow and channel it's energy

Be aware of the surrounding environment and how it will affect the perception of your space

Use building materials, colors and lighting consciously to forge the right mood

Create micro-spaces and installations that serve no purpose other than to make people happy

Understand the power of a fog machine


Heimlich Crew Cobenzl Group Friends Music.jpg


We are in love with the music we represent, we are in love with the people that dance with us, we are in love with the moments we create together, but most importantly we are in love with each other. This is something you will feel at our events and floors. It is the reason why Heimlich is, what it is today: a lovestory.

Heimlich planning stage design aufwind.jpeg


We don't want to leave anything to chance. If we have a vision, we will do everything to make it happen. Everyone at Heimlich has a distinct job and knows how to do it. From planning and construction, to booking, design, sound and yes, even accounting. Everything is done with care.