Arutani – Pendulum EP

After contributing a remix to the first EP of his buddy AVEM on Heimlich Musik, Basel based wunderkind Arutani releases three original Tracks with remixes by GYRL and Dolph as the third EP on the Viennese imprint. The melody of the title track “Pendulum“ rises as a climax from playful percussions wandering around the beat construct. By adopting the main theme and adding energetic drums, Dolph transforms the dreamy original mix into a club tool for later (or early morning) hours. „Dorian“ comes along with an acid-line as a driving element carrying away trippy vocals and breaky beats resulting in melancholic synth pads. Slowmotion-heroes GYRL from Leipzig used their unique mighty drumming to make it clear from the first moment on that you are listening to one of their remixes. Combined with selected elements from the original the result is an absolute banger that makes every sound system happy. „Kids from the past“ appears as an homage to earlier days using disco-influenced pads as a reference to the 80s. Although one has not heard Arutani giving his track a disco-touch very often the unique sound-design reflects Arutani’s current work and provides this track with a modern touch to serve as the grand final of the EP.

1. Arutani - Pendulum (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81700011]
2. ArutaniPendulum (Gyrl Remix) [ISCR: ATDY81700012]
3. ArutaniDorian (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81700013]
4. ArutaniDorian (Dolph Remix) [ISCR: ATDY81700014]

Artists: Arutani, GYRL, Dolph
Album: Pendulum EP

Format: Digital
Release: 13.04.2018
Cat. No.: HMLEP003
EAN: 886446991603
Artwork: VAKAT

® & © 2018 Heimlich Musik

Published by MATCHES MUSIC