Muno – Animalia EP

Listening to the first few seconds of Muno’s „Animalia EP“ it's no surprise it was made in Argentina. The EP mirrors a journey about the evolution of mankind through life-long lessons and experiences. „Animalia“ features vocal samples talking about the very first man as an exploring hunter while using percussions grooving like an organic orchestra to underline the playful melodic main theme. The second track, „Chroma“ serves as the melancholic part of the EP related to an idea of a rainy relaxed forest. The song is dominated by elements somewhere between heavy and light, without losing a genuine human touch by wisely adding different shaker elements. The last track which comes in two versions, „Didjeridub“ is inspired by a dry desert land that completes the concept of the EP focusing on the origin of life. We were really happy to get to know this great guy and are proud to introduce you to these four South American influced pearls for a perfect start into this year's festival season.

1. Muno - Animalia (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81700016]
2. Muno - Chroma (feat. Juampi Sanchez) [ISCR: ATDY81700017]
3. Muno - Didjeridub (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81700018]
4. Muno - Didjeridub (kalimba version) [bonus track] [ISCR: ATDY81700019]

Artists: Muno
Album: Animalia EP

Format: Digital
Release: 18.05.2018
Cat. No.: HMLEP004
EAN: 886447055267

Artwork: VAKAT

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