The Berlin-based producer Niko Schwind who is known through his releases on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent imprint created three originals tailor-made for Heimlich Musik. Combining rhythms with a focus on psychedelic synth lines and complex drum patterns. 

The title track „Modularity Theorem“ is characterized by field recordings and hypnotizing percussions and subtle vocals used wisely to underline the atmosphere of the track. 
Xique-Xique strips the original down to its basic elements that are needed to create a powerful remix for various occasions. 

„Tote Bienen“ appears like a lonesome rider in danger pictured by crooked guitar riffs, harmonica accents and dark synths supported by downpitched vocals. 
Cologne-based duo Ameli Paul comes up with its very own interpretation of „Tote Bienen“. The remix appears rather as a melancholic live-interpretation with additional vocals and building up breaks creating a mood perfectly fitting for early morning hours. 
„Varinha“ is built on organic drums and a soulful vocal while strings and powerful synth accents support the deepness of the track functioning as a suitable ending for the sixth release by Heimlich Musik.

1. Niko Schwind - Modularity Theorem (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81800038]
2. Niko Schwind - Modularity Theorem (Xique-Xique Remix) [ISCR: ATDY81800039]
3. Niko Schwind - Tote Bienen (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81800040]
4. Niko Schwind - Tote Bienen (Ameli Paul Remix) [ISCR: ATDY81800041]

5. Niko Schwind - Varinha (Original Mix) [ISCR: ATDY81800042]

Artists: Niko Schwind
Album: Incubitu EP

Format: Digital
Release: 21.12.2018
Cat. No.: HMLEP006
EAN: ???

Artwork: VAKAT
Mastering: Robert Trifunović

® & © 2018 Heimlich Musik

Published by MATCHES MUSIC