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Islandman, Phortah, Cha'an, Zazou, Trippin Jaguar, youlaike, Wille zum Wahnsinn, Patrick Alavi, Tim Thestral, KetaCovers, 2040, Austrian Apparel, Mose, Lunar Symphony, Gottlieb Scheppert, Eugen Valentin, Muno, Arutani, GYRL, Dolph, Rabihh Rizk, Rodrigo Gallardo, Landhouse & Raddantze, AVEM, Dandara, Oberst & Buchner, Lemurian, Troja, Ioanis & Walker, Victor Norman, San Miguel & Our Y, Thommie G, Lukas Endhhardt, SidiRum & Barda, San Ignacio, Steffen Kirchhoff & Maywa, Spaniol, Holed of Mom, Ninze, Bernstein, Harro Triptrap, Iorie & Luna, Pay Kusten, Tante Dante & Sebastian Dali


After two highly acclaimed compilations featuring great international artists, the Austrian ‚downtempo’ label Heimlich Musik releases the first official EP by Basel-based Boris Muscheidt alias ĂVEM. The 20-year old newcomer proved his talent as an electronic music producer on his very own label LOKD. Additional releases on Cosmic Awakenings or Casa Caos have been well received within the community. His debut EP on Heimlich Musik – called ‘Nuages’ –  is packed with two originals and four remixes by Bernstein, Oberst & Buchner, Arutani and Dandara.