Oberst & Buchner

OBerst & Buchner

Andreas Buchner and Sebastian Oberst have been a part of each others lives for some time; their history stretching all the way back to their hometown in Bavaria, where they experimented with guitars and different genres and even formed their own band for a period of time. Based on this past they developed their own melodic style, releases on different labels as well as DJ- and Livesets in cities like Vienna and Berlin followed.



"We see more with closed eyes. Behind every rhythm there is a secret that wants to be discovered. Come closer, into the thicket of organic music and let yourself go." 

Späk is a daydreamer-music-lover and his style is a fusion of jungle-downtempo-world music;  a style which bring us back to nature and warms ours hearts <3

Oliver Rottmann

oliver rottmann

Oliver Rottmann is born and raised in Vienna, Austria and came into contact with electronic music at the age of 18. Starting from playing only for his closest friends his reputation grew and the locations changed from basement parties to underground clubs. In 2015 he moved to New York to expand his musical horizon. A year later he moved back to Vienna and recently after that started to organise parties with his closest friends under the name 'Heimlich'. Since then he focused on Downtempo and electronic world music.



leschueft, a viennese with french roots, is an up and coming DJ, with a passion for harmonic mixing. He has had an interesting musical journey which has led him to mixing Downtempo and organizing parties in this subgenre with his Heimlich-Crew in and around Vienna.