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"Heimlich" began as a reaction to the aesthetics prevailing in Viennese club culture, one that is musically, visually and socially based on sterility. We came together with a desire to fill these three parameters again with warmth, colour and feeling; a group whose lowest common denominator was to eliminate the obvious lack of electronic music below 110 bpm in this city. It was initially these desires, which arose individually in each member of our collective, that united us at the right time, in the right place, without even knowing each other beforehand.

At the apex of the grey walls and cold hammering bass drums, we were drawn together as if magnetised, primarily to create an alternative for ourselves. Namely, to fill rooms with musical and visual details that first and foremost satisfied our own subjective hunger for sonic, visual and ultimately social warmth. Our motivation was based on giving "playing" relevance again within the context of the Viennese club scene, along with the goal of providing downtempo a home in Vienna.

When we found each other and finally implemented our ideas into sound, form and colour, we basically were not aware of how many people in this city felt the same hunger. Every smile, every hug, every thank you, all the dancers who enjoyed the moment with closed eyes are for us a symbol of the hunger that was sated once a month by those happy faces for the interval of an evening.

To vitalise parties with this life attitude of togetherness, which for us is embodied by decelerated music, is the fundamental stimulus of Heimlich's creativity. The sustainability of what we have experienced - in other words, not to see partying as a mere getaway from our daily routine, but to take what has been experienced into everyday life - has an impact on reality after closing times.

The freedom from geographical borders in Heimlich's music is an acoustic manifestation of our canon of values, which rejects any categorisation of people. Exclusion should never be made on the basis of categorisations. Excepted from this are people who violently reproduce such categorisations and obviously do not seem to understand the spirit of Heimlich.

Any accumulation of capital should not serve our personal gain, but should be invested in the next collective experience.

tl;dr: Heimlich is a circle of friends from Vienna. Deceleration, blurry borders - both musically and geographically - and a sense of togetherness are central to our mindset. We don't see our parties as a simple getaway from everyday life, but as an influence on everyones reality and surrounding. Every place we take over is transformed into a meandering experience. This ongoing transformation paired with a collective consciousness forms our identity.

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Heimlich Musik




In regular irregularity we take over a club, a festival or a forrest to bend our reality. Some of our gatherings are not being shared online, so keep your eyes and ears open... You can find our public events here


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